5 Discoveries About Amish

Uriah, Levi, Marvin, Harvey, me, John, Josh
Author, speaker, and radio personality Diane Markins said, "Amish people and their lifestyle is a complete mystery to me. I’ve read a few fictional accounts and have seen teasers for a TV show called 'Amish Mafia' but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Author Brenda Nixon has become intimately familiar with Amish and 'Ex-Amish,' as her daughter married a man who left that community. You will likely be as
fascinated as I was with what she shares on Bold Living March 2nd."

Diane asked me to also pen a guest post on her blog. She suggested I share some of my first discoveries about Amish once Mosie and the others came into my life and home. Check out Diane's blog for my 5 Discoveries About Amish, see if you already know what I discovered.  ~ Brenda


  1. Brenda, thanks so much for sharing with me and my listeners/readers on Bold Living. It was absolutely fascinating and I hope more people will find you and follow your intriguing saga.

    Bold Blessings,

    1. Thanks Diane for inviting me to be a guest on your Bold Living radio show. I love giving media interviews. You were a terrific host because I could tell you were genuinely interested and amazed at some of the info.