Amish Book and Blog Update

Updates! As promised, here's what's going on with my work in progress (WIP); an Amish nonfiction book, and this blog.

My book details our "adoption" and life with son Mosie, stories of Amish Gma, their Anabaptist heritage, tales of others who've left Amish, and much more. Two publishers were looking at my book proposal (bp) but one politely and graciously passed. The second is taking its sweet time deciding to buy it or not. Having been in the writing industry for 20 years, I understand the complexities of traditional publishers; I realize they take a bp to Committee, and I acknowledge the slow-turning wheels but, frankly, the increasing demand for truth and authenticity about the Amish leaves me wondering why this publisher is letting a good thing lie dormant. "Ride the wave," I want to say, "Buy the manuscript and let's get this book in readers' hands now!" I could self-publish and get my book into readers' hands within months but, I'll try patiently working the traditional route first.

One of the reasons I launched this blog was in response to the demand for reality vs romanticism. Since its December launch, more than 16,400 people have visited! Some hits come from Germany, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Canada, Poland, Japan, as well as the good ole USA. The most popular post, Amish Sex Education (you won't read that in a fiction book), hit 2,651 readers, and the growing list of blog subscribers prove that the public - curious about the Amish - want informative and accurate facts.

Last week a young gal turned to me in church and said, "I really like reading your blog. It's so informative." Then my husband came home from work (he's a university librarian) and told of a faculty member who stopped him with, "Tell Brenda I enjoy her Amish blog." If you blog, you know how treasured these affirming comments are to the morale.

I hope you're enjoying my Beyond Buggies & Bonnets blog as much as I'm having fun writing of my experiences and new insights. In coming weeks I'll share more enlightenment by penning about . . . Amish dentists and a Q&A post (so send in your questions)!

Producers from National Geographic and PBS' The Amish have contacted me and we continue to communicate about upcoming shows. An internet radio show invited me for an interview about my experiences with those who leave the Amish.

For now, thank you for reading, learning, and leaving comments. If you left a comment to a post be sure to return and read my (or someone else's) reply to you.

One last legal detail; this blog and pictures therein are copyrighted(C). Do not copy and paste anything here without first asking my permission. See ya next week.  ~Brenda


  1. Brenda, you give a realistic picture of the way the Amish are and I appreciate that. So much sugar coated stuff going on and you bring a dose of reality. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Lester, I value your comment since you have direct, personal knowledge. People would be surprised to learn you were an Amish preacher - and an adult - when you chose to leave.
      You confirm that I'm being realistic (not critical); to me, that is true respect for the Amish . . . and for non-Amish readers :~}

  2. Still praying, Brenda.

    I know it can be hard to wait (anyone in the publishing industry does). I also know, as you do, that God--not the publisher--is in control. I'll keep praying and trusting for His right timing.

  3. I love reading your blogs Brenda! Glad to be your friend also! Kepp up with all the intersting articles. I am always looking foward to reading more.
    Diane H (fb friend)

  4. Excited about your talks with National Geographic and PBS!

    1. Thanks for your interest & support Marti.

      Diane, from your comments here & in our A&B group, I can tell you are a life-long learner :-)

      Nancy, yep Nat Geo & PBS want to do more shows and among all the TV specials those are the two I trust to be sensitive and impartial. The Nat Geo producer recently told me he's still trying to pitch a sequel idea to his execs. Sounds like getting a new documentary out can be as slow as us, authors, getting a new book published. LOL

  5. my husband and i will be hosting 2 young amish boys in our home on tuesday evening this week, 6/4/13. they are the sons of the man who built our pole barn a couple of years ago, and we have been fortunate enough to have some interaction with the entire family over the past few years.

    joni, the father, called us on satuday to ask if his sons could stay with us overnight on tuesday. they live 2+ hours away and are part of a 9-man crew that will be doing some work at a neighbor's house; i believe joni is trying to reduce his hired-driver costs.

    my question(s) pertain to honoring their amish ways within our home. we have a guest bedroom and will be putting an extra mattress on the floor to accommodate the two boys. i'm planning on preparing simple meals: dinner=hamburgers and potato salad; breakfast=egg casserole and juice; lunch=sandwiches. do you have any recommendations for us? they do not use electricity in their home, so what should we provide in case they need to navigate to the bathroom in the dark? will they use our bathroom? would it be rude to watch television after they have gone to bed?

    we are surprised by joni's request yet look forward to this opportunity. any help/advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I answered you personally via email. Thanks for reading, learning, and feeling comfortable to ask me your questions. You'll like the Amish Q&A post in June :-)