Ex-Amish Mosie's English Wedding!

Happy July! 

He's our first "adopted" son from the Swartzentruber Amish. Lived with us for a year. Went with us on family vaca. After he moved out, he still spent holidays, birthdays, and Sunday dinners in our home. We believed then - still do - that our relationship was divine direction.

Then he moved from Ohio to North Carolina. We were a bit nervous for him to move and I knew I'd miss seeing him every week. But God had great things awaiting Mosie - a job, his childhood pal Joe, and - best of all - Crystal.
We were honored when Mosie and Crystal sent us their delightfully hand designed June wedding invitation. Mosie wanted his Amish parents to meet Crystal's parents but they were not "interested" and made no plans to attend the wedding.

Mosie asked my husband and me to be his parents. We drove down to North Carolina and to the small town where he lived.

On a sunny June afternoon, we winded our way out to the country for the wedding ceremony. The
walls of our "church" were green trees and rolling hills, we walked on a hay floor, and looked up to the sky blue ceiling. Crickets and birds were the singers. And fresh hay bales and wild flowers perfumed the air.

I thought back to the first year we'd met Mosie. He was 19, restless, at times volatile. He'd pine for his former Amish life. He'd tried to see his parents twice - once they ignored him and the other time they talked to him on the front porch of his family home.

He'd had car accidents, different jobs, and changing friends. As he'd adjusted to the English life of new words, behaviors, beliefs, clothes, and cars, he'd make some good and not-so-good choices. But now, he was making a healthy, happy decision. I could see it in his contentment.

As I sat thinking of the whirlwind of changes to Mosie in five years, I watched the handsome - mostly ex-Amish - groomsmen walked toward the front. They stood hand over hand awaiting the bride's maids.

Each bride attendant slowly walked her way down the grassy aisle. The group stood together quietly in anticipation.

 Then, in the distance I saw a white steed. A song's melody began and the lyrics, "I'm coming to claim my pure bride." Atop the horse was Mosie. He rode up and over a crest to the handmade trellis draped with white tulle.

When growing up Amish, Mosie lived on a farm in upstate New York, where his family had 15 horses. When he left the Amish he learned farrier skills. He's a natural on a saddle and the riding toward his bride was unique and apropos.

Mosie dismounted and met his bride Crystal in the aisle. I don't know about others but I was already moved to tears of joy for my "son."

We sang songs in the open air. Our voices wafting off to the distant hills. Together Mosie and Crystal exchanged their personal vows. Prayers followed.

Our daughter, Lynsey, and son-in-law, Harvey- who is Mosie's cousin and also ex-Amish - were seated behind us. Thankfully, Lynsey snapped some great pictures I was unable to take.

To close the ceremony and signify their new "oneness" Mosie and Crystal each grasped a white balloon, tied together their strings, and released. The joined balloons floated up. A soft breeze lifted them out of sight.

I was thrilled to witness their new beginning. They're so in love.

Below is a picture of our precious time celebrating with Mosie & Crystal.

It was a closure to his single days and the beginning of his new life with a wife.

What are your comments or well-wishes for Mosie?

(C)Copyright, 2014. Brenda Nixon


  1. God bless the new couple as they learn all about a new life.God's hand was in all of this couple coming together.

  2. What a thrill for this beautiful couple and for you, his faithful "parents." Beautiful couple, cake, setting, and horse. Did the two of them ride off on the horse? Thanks for sharing such a beautiful day with us.

  3. No Kathy, they did not ride off in the sunset. But they did take a picture with the horse - Destiny. Thanks for reading and your well wishes.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. What a happy day.

  5. Nancy Haines Hammon July 9, 2014 @ 10:12pm
    It was a beautiful wedding and a dream come true for me to see him ride in on a white horse to claim his bride. This parallels Jesus return riding on a white horse to claim the bride of Christ. Amen. They are a lovely couple. Blessings for their new life together. Praise Him for His faithfulness. Bless you and Paul. Love and Peace, Nancy

  6. How lovely!! How blessed you are!


  7. Beautiful story, wedding and I like the groom arriving on a white horse. Your family is growing!

    1. Thank you Anonymous. And Terra, my co-author on A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts, thanks for reading. Yes, our family is blessed and growing.

  8. Thank you for sharing this beautiful occasion with us, Brenda! I rejoice with you and your family.

  9. You're welcome Brenda. So many people have commented to me in person how they enjoyed this post. Those who've known about our Mosie since we became his family, loved to read this update. But the best compliment came from his new wife Crystal who said that my words captured the feeling of the day.

  10. So beautiful! Such a blessing! I could visualize everything from your description and pictures and was tearing up about his ride in as that song was playing. Can't imagine many dry eyes at that time. I rejoice with you and your family and pray blessings for Mose and Crystal.