Why Do Amish People Leave their Life?

Months ago an assistant professor of sociology, Dr. Caroline Faulkner, emailed. She was studying the curiosity, "Why do Amish people leave?" and asked me to help with names of ex-Amish from Old Order to interview.

We exchanged a stimulating email dialog. I explained that most of my relationships and personal experiences are with Swartentruber Amish (stricter and more mysterious than Old Order) but, I was able to provide her with names.

On the heels of our dialog she penned a post of the information she'd learned . . . so far. She admits, "there is still much more to learn about the different reasons for and processes of leaving . . . ."

Her piece stimulated quite a list of comments! Rather than me sharing what I know, I thought you'd enjoy reading this fresh voice, and her many comments.

As always, you're welcome to leave any questions or comments here. And by-the-way I'm thrilled - not surprised - to host more than 110K blog readers worldwide. There's a driving thirst to learn about this 400-year-old American subculture with European roots.

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  1. Why do People Leave the Amish? Why do people try to get out of a cult if they ever realize they are being controlled by one? Did I just call the Amish a cult? Yes I did. They are not a cult in the same way David Koresh or Jimmy Jones(?) were but there is a very heavy amount of control by the church over every member. People leave for any number of reasons but it is usually associated with the fear of being disciplined for failing to fall in line with one of the hundreds of regulations placed on them; many of which do not make any sense at all.