2014 Highlights

2014's Most Popular Post:
  • Wow, first I thought February's Amish Shunning, What's It All About? - with 1,482 readers - was the most popular.
  • Then, a new one blew that out of the water. Within a day, Divided Home - Harvey's shocking story - attracted nearly 2,000 readers! I think because of the story's rarity.
Most Comments:
Other Remarkable - unexpected - Highlights . . . 
  • In July, I was reader voted July 2014 Blogger of the Month at The Book Club Network's "Book Fun Magazine." Yeah!
  • Now, I'm recipient of 2014 BLOG OF THE YEAR at Book Fun Magazine. Thanks to all who voted. Better, thanks to all who read and learn! 
  • We've zoomed to nearly 200K readers worldwide! Curious who is reading? Check out this post. Never - when I launched this bog two years ago - would I've imagined so many people around the world wanted to learn about Amish through the eyes of former-Amish and my experiences. I'm happy to provide reading for the true-story fans.
Speaking Engagements:
  • Exploded! It started with public libraries and expanded to retired teacher's groups. I'm booked to bring my Amish suitcase of clothes & Power Point presentation through October 2015. So far. Now I hope churches, book clubs, and schools will invite me to speak.
Book Progress:
  • Not in print yet. "A risk" is what many publishers say about my book. From their view point, Amish romance is a proven cash cow but, a nonfiction book with a different view isn't worth financial investment. I'm sorry for you, the reader. You deserve a choice of fiction and nonfiction. And I know you want accurate cultural literacy. I'm sorry for former-Amish. To many, I'm their voice to the world. They want to be heard.
  • BUT - Ta Da - a small, new publishing company asked for my manuscript! Keep your prayers going up . . . and your fingers crossed. I'd love to offer you a book to wrap your hands, heart, and head around.
Blog Partner:
  • The owner of Knoxpages.com asked permission to post my blog, with a link-back of course. Since Knox County is amid Ohio's Amish "country" the local readers enjoy learning from my posts at Knoxpages. So far, we're pleased with this symbiotic relationship. 
Compliment from former-Amish:
  • "Good luck on the blog, one of the few honest and 'real' look at Amish and ex-Amish life," from a Twitter followers who left Amish life. AND THIS IS WHY I BLOG.
Thanks for your interest, comments, and support this year! More unique, perhaps controversial but "real," posts coming in 2015. If you don't want to remember to return, subscribe to receive my posts and they'll come to your email inbox.

(C)Copyright, 2014. Brenda Nixon


  1. I can publish you. I am doing it for others. And Ill put you on formeramish.com too :)

    1. Sure, Joseph, you may share my blog posts (giving credits) on any Fb group or other blog. Let's share the education. Just remember to put a link back to this blog. Thanks :-)