Intimate View of Cloistered Culture

She was excited!

"We found a picture of a Swartzentruber buggy for our flier," exclaimed the library's adult program planner.

She'd wanted me to speak during her library's Brown Bag Chat - noon program - about my life with Amish and those who've gone beyond their buggies & bonnets.

Some have come through our home - Mosie, Josh, Monroe, Sarah, Noah, Levi, Dan, Andy, Marvin - some I do life with - our son-in-law Harvey, then there's Ida, and Emma. Some I know from a distance - Lester, Katie, Esther, Ed, and John.

Several times I was invited to bring my suitcase of Amish clothes and present a program at private and public venues. I posted about speaking and answering audience questions at the Twinsburg, Ohio public library.

Now in 2015, I've a new list of speaking gigs. Come to my Ohio programs, I love to meet readers!
Also, did you know I'll share about the Amish Anabaptist heritage at a church's Sunday school, or at a university's world religion class?
I'll travel to speak, about my experiences helping ex-Amish and what they've taught me about their cloistered culture, at
  • book clubs
  • retired teacher's associations
  • schools
  • medical groups 
Feel free to share the word!

(C)Copyright, 2015. Brenda Nixon.


  1. Don't think I've asked this of you....Curious about hair textures and dealing with girls' and women's hair. There surely must be Amish that have excessively curly hair who would find it nearly impossible to corral underneath the caps and how letting it grow uncut would be so unwieldy. Do they ever "cornrow" it or some other method to contain it?

    1. No cornrow or any other style against the Ordnung. Women are told how to wear their hair, it may be braided and pinned up or it may be simply pinned back like a bun.
      With my "son" Mosie, his hair is thick and curly. He said to keep it corralled, he'd put on his hat when the hair was wet.