Breaking the Silence

Dear Readers,

Never have I enthusiastically recommended a project but, this one I do! 

My pal, former Amish preacher Lester, is breaking the silence on why he left the Amish. This new film is gripping and hopeful. I encourage you to read the information below and consider financially supporting this worthy project now. Get involved in helping to tell the truth. 

You have seen their buggies and quaint clothing. You have heard of their work ethic, honesty, and church discipline. You have admired their farms and gardens and wished you could live a quite, peaceful life like they do.
But who really are the Amish?
   Breaking the Silence takes you into the personal lives of people who experienced first hand what it is like growing up Amish. These are the cute little Amish boys and girls- all grown up and willing to talk about the secrets of their culture.
The mystery of the centuries
   This film project digs deep into the historical roots of the Amish where we find the true heritage of a People shrouded in mystery. Once you see their saga playing out over five centuries you will understand the Amish like never before.
Lester for the filming
But it's more than that.
   Everyone who sees this film project will be challenged by the same issues that the Amish have grappled with for centuries. How does the Bible apply to our daily life? What does salvation and holiness look like? Through this film, thousands of people will hear the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ explained by people who grew up Amish.  
   But before you, or anyone else, can experience this amazing story it has to be completed! Half of the budget for Breaking the Silence came from investors. We still need to raise the other half in order to finish the film.  
Would you consider including us in your  financial giving?
A gift of any size will get your name in the credits. We have teamed up with Imaginative Art Ministries, a 501c3 non-profit organization so that your gift is tax deductible.

Please stand with us, Joseph Graber

Donation by Check Instructions:
Make your Check payable to: Imaginative Art Ministries, with “Breaking the Silence” in memo line.
       Mail the check to:
       Imaginative Art Ministries
       55778 Timber Lane Dr
       Elkhart, IN 46514
Check out the teaser trailer and update video by visiting the website at www.MyAmishStory.com


  1. My last attempt to comment here didn't work. I will retry:
    Have the producers of the film considered a Kickstarter campaign? I've heard that projects much more iffy than this one got surprisingly large amounts of donations.

    1. Yes, Erik, they're collecting donations from either Kickstarter or another fund-raising program. Thanks for your thoughts.