Guess this Amish Buggy

Know what this is?

Not an Amish convertible.

The picture was taken at an Ohio auction.

It is not a Swartzentruber buggy. Notice the yellow SMV triangle and small red reflector - or maybe that's a turn signal. Both are verboten to the uber strict Swartzentruber Order.

Gotta guess? Here's why it's used and it's name.

Since it was taken at an auction, you might guess it's for toting treasures. Right. This is a buggy for hauling items, namely pigs, sheep, and baby calves.

It's called a "top hack." Some Amish call it, "pick up buggy."

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(C)Copyright, 2015. Brenda Nixon


  1. We had topless hacks, but not top-hacks.

    1. Maybe each family (or settlement) has a slightly different term.

    2. Well we had open buggies, but build like this hack. In other words, everything in the back end, but no top on it. Something like this https://www.etsy.com/listing/121517274/amish-buggyminiature-ohio-open-hack-made

  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing Joseph! I will let readers know that you came out of the Swartzentruber Order. Again, such diversity in this culture :-)