Update on Josh - Chapter 3 of my book

Amish Jonas, Chap 3 in my book
He's come a long way from his Swartzentruber Amish days, where Jonas was the settlement's buggy repairman.

And since writing my Beyond Buggies and Bonnets book, ex-Amish Jonas (now known as Josh) has experienced several more changes! He...
  • moved out of his apartment
  • married Sarah (she's Chapter 4)
  • started a new business
  • learned to run Power Point at his church and
  • plans to move to Colorado this month!
We "adopted" Josh as our nephew because he's the cousin of our son-in-law Harvey. And I'm thankful we keep in touch. He's shown great independence, maturity, and spiritual growth. 

He's also retained his quick wit and sense of humor. Remember, that part of Chapter 3 where he bought the BB gun at an auction?
Josh at our daughter's marriage to Harvey

Josh invited me to take some engagement pix

Enjoy these pictures!

Sarah & Josh sharing Christmas with us
Handsome, eh?


  1. I got your book, but have not had a chance to read it yet, due to college and health stuff. Also my twins had their 14th birthday yesterday.

  2. Congratulations to Josh and Sarah. May god bless them in their new journey.

  3. Oh he sure is the most handsome man i know!