Bonnets, Buggies, and Sexual Abuse

I've been wanting to blog about sexual abuse within the Amish culture but, my friend Mary DeMuth beat me to it.

Before I give you the link to Mary's post, I want to say I've heard stories, too. Brother on sister. Father on daughter. School boy on school boy. Deviant sexual behavior happens within some of the Amish orders causing irreparable damage, which is carried out when/if they leave. (Tweet This)

Since Mary has a different perspective and she's a skilled wordsmith, I encourage you to read her blog and leave her a comment or comment here below.

See ya next week.

(c)Copyright 2013, Brenda Nixon.

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  1. The saddest thing of all is that this problem knows no boundaries. It's not selective or prejudiced. It crosses social, racial, economic, and religous boundaries. No group is exempt. The rich aren't. The poor aren't, etc, etc, etc. And, every group is good at hiding the fact that this is going on. I don't know the answer, other than continue to make people aware and offer help to all parties involved, victims and offenders.
    It is even more difficult when abuse is suspected in children, who are totally dependent upon the adults around them, and they have no voice. Even when adults, such as teachers, suspect abuse, there is so much red tape involved that often the child is never removed from the environment, or removed and sent back a short time later. The system is messed up all the way around. You almost do feel as if it's for the abuser and against the abused.