The First, Best, Shortest and Fave

What a crazy trip. I never chased after them or knew much of the culture. God threw them in my path. Now that I've helped some adapt to life on the outside, given a home to the homeless, and have oodles of memories and stories - and I'm no longer naive - I'm blogging about those who've left the Amish. The blog comments, by people over the globe, prove the rabid interest or fascination of this compact, insular American sub-culture. Those with a romantic notion of Amish and their "simple life" wonder, why would anyone want to leave?

Some of you are new to my blog so I want to share the first, best, shortest, and favorite posts, so you don't miss a thing.

In December 2012, I launched Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: True Amish Stories. An author friend brainstormed with me for just the right title. "You're gonna blog about people who are more than buggies and bonnets," she said. "And readers like true stories." Hence the title.

Now, ta da, here are the winning posts . . .
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My first blog post was penned December 15, 2012 and titled, Join My Amish Learning Curve. I'm still on that vertical curve. The Amish are a complex group with each Order having different rules so nobody can claim to be an expert. (Tweet This)

The best (or highest read) post is Amish Sex Education. With 8,500 hits, this post continues to attract readers worldwide - and it's all true. I promise. I want to blog about the Swartzentruber dating practice. Not going to believe me on that one. I was skeptical when Mosie and the others first told me.

The shortest (must've been in a hurry) is Breaking Amish: LA. I was tickled when the producers invited me to participate in their not-reality TV show. Uh, no. Oddly, this post has more than 500 hits.

And my favorite -- well, that's a toughie! I love sharing insider info like Amish Gma (church), and about precious Mosie, Harvey, Josh, and most recently Sarah and Monroe. But what I feel passionate about is meaningfully helping the former Amish who cross my path. So I guess the blog that gives tips on how you can help would be my pick Free Book for Helping. More than 1,015 people have read this post so they're more knowledgeable. Amazingly this post generated the highest number of comments.

Go through the posts and discover novel insights like April 16's New Order Christian Fellowship Amish, amazing practices like Amish Pucker Up from May 15, and Amish Best Kept Secret published July 3, 2013.

Like to laugh? I've lighthearted posts, Amish Push the Envelop from May 8 and a tongue-in-cheek one, Monroe on the Run, Part I, posted on July 24, 2013.

I'll continue penning because my husband and I have experienced volumes in the five years since meeting the "Ex-men" (I'll explain that term later). If you subscribe, you get my posts in your email inbox. If not, come back here next week for more true Amish stories.

What do YOU think? Got a fave or funniest post? If so, leave it below in the comments section.

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