Show and Tell about the Amish

I'm excited!

 The Public Library of Knox County and Mount Vernon booked me to speak about my experiences helping ex-Amish adjust to "outside" life and what I've learned of the Amish. "I got a suitcase of Harvey's Amish clothes," I offered when we talked about the September 26th, noon, Brown Bag Chat program. "I can bring and show his clothing."

After a few years out of the Amish life, Harvey's mom gave him a suitcase of his handmade childhood clothes. My daughter, Lynsey, and I pulled out each tiny item with "oohs" and "awws." We gently examined the hand stitching and each patch, which told a story. Did you know Swartzentruber Amish dress both male and female babies in a dress until their second birthday? (Tweet That)

We lovingly eyed the little dress that baby Harvey wore his first two years of life.

With the exploding interest in the Amish - some factual like PBS's The Amish; some fictional like Breaking Amish: LA and Amish Mafia - I'm often asked to share about this insular American sub-culture.
I'll arrive with my suitcase of Amish clothes at your school, church, book discussion club, library, business, or cultural meeting and reveal customs and beliefs unknown to curious outsiders. You won't find what I know from TV "reality" shows or Amish fiction books.

We're blessed to have Harvey, our valued son-in-law who grew up/left Amish in our lives, plus our home has been a haven for several who've also left. My experiences are with Swartzentruber and Old Order Amish, so that's what I'll highlight in my presentation. Instead of  Ripley's Believe It or Not, you'll get Brenda's Believe It or Not such as Amish dating (it's not like ours), the Ordnung (church rules), how a Bishop is chosen, Buggy costs and rules, plus other fascinating facts.

Email me speaker2parents @ juno.com for your choice date and time, and my affordable speaking rate. I'm ready and eager anytime to show and tell  . . . and answer questions about the Amish.

Come back next week for more true Amish stories.


  1. This is exciting. I support everyone who speaks or shows the truth about the Amish without putting them down or lifting them up high.

  2. Thanks Katie, wish you could come. You've read my blog before & know me through A&B so you know I speak the truth in love.

  3. Day After Report: the crowd filled the room, no remaining seats! Among the audience was a New Order Amish man. At first he was challenging and skeptical, "What do you know about the Amish?" and "Where do you live?"
    I countered his "what do you know" question with, "You tell me." I encouraged him to stay, listen, then tell me what he thought.
    After the program, he came to me and said, "I learned some things." To me, this is the highest compliment for a current or former-Amish to vouch the authenticity of what I know and share. Another lady in the audience asked me about speaking to her group as well.

  4. Brenda, considering the source, that was a very high compliment! I hope God keeps opening doors for you with this ministry, as well as the speaking you do on parenting.