Amish Spring Break Activities

Happy Spring! I'm blessed with former-Amish friends. Some have a crazy sense of humor. They're witty. See the goofiness in life. A tad irreverent.

Take my bud Ed. He and his brother left the Amish years ago. Today Ed is married, works, and participates in a Facebook closed group for those who've left Amish. Wow, do I ever learn inside, authentic info when I read the discussions! And they've been so good to take me in as a group member.

Ed posted these Top Amish Spring Break Activities he'd found somewhere on the internet at an Amish joke page. Since we're into Spring and the notoriously wild college spring break stories, I thought I'd share...

Top Amish Spring Break Activities

Drink molasses 'til you heave

Wet bonnet contest

Stuff as many guys as you can into a buggy

Buttermilk keggar

Blow past the Dairy Queen on a really bitchin' Clydesdale

Get a tattoo: "Born to raise barns"

Cruise streets of Belleville shouting insults at people with zippers

Sleep 'til 6 AM

Drive over to Allensville and kick some Mennonite ass

Churn butter naked

Question: If you don't "get it" can you let me know? I'll explain the "inside" humor.


  1. These are funny! I have one to add: a couple of weeks ago I was on my way home from rehearsal, at night and it was dark, when I passed what I thought at first was a bunch of garbage bags along the side of the road. As I got closer I realized it was Amish kids, laying on the side of the road, looking up to the sky. Keep in mind, it was pitch Dark!! I mentioned this to an English friend who lives in the neighborhood, and he told me that the Amish kids like to watch the owls at night. Really?? LOL!

  2. That's the Ed I know! Could add a few more but I hope our 'English' friends realize that sometimes 'we examish' just enjoy our heritage and talking about all the things we could have done but really didn't. Now Ed and the Dairy Queen one, there IS a story there......!

  3. Replies
    1. ha, thanks for being a faithful reader & learner. I'm thrilled at least one reader admits to being BALANCED in viewing the Amish - they're neither all good, happy, simple people nor all wild, tax-avoiding militants. No culture is all one way or the other.