Mosie's Mom

My story, "Mosie's Mom," p. 65
Oops. I'd forgotten.

Then the book arrived. Imagine my surprise...

There, on page 65, was the story I wrote of my life with Mosie. He joined our family after he left his uber strict Swartzentruber order of Amish.

Last year, my colleague Nancy B. Kennedy had asked me to contribute a story of motherhood to her new book Miracles & Moments of Grace (Leafwood). I remember us talking about Leafwood because one of my other books is published via this terrific publisher. I'm honored to be among Nancy's top pick of 50 authors and professional women who write humorous, heartbreaking, or happy stories about one of the toughest jobs - motherhood.

If you're interested in reading an inspirational book - or a Mother's Day gift idea - Miracles & Moments of Grace is the right pick!

People often ask me about Mosie. Today, he's living and working in North Carolina. He has a precious fiance who is so right for him, two jobs, and is a regular attender at church. He told me that if his Amish parents don't attend his wedding, he wants us to be parents of the groom.

Although I don't hear from my "son" as often as I'd like, we keep in touch through texts or the occasional call. Last year he phoned me on Mother's Day - awww.

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  1. I don't hear from my son very much either... and he still lives at home! I'm glad for the update about Mosie, no matter how brief. Thank you again, Brenda, for telling his story in my book. (BTW, Leafwood is offering the book at their website, www.leafwoodpublishing.com, for $9.99 now through Mothers Day.)

    1. Thanks for your comments Nancy. Oooh, $9.99 is a fantastic price for this inspiring book!

  2. Hello, I posted the link on my new group Amish Memories. https://www.facebook.com/groups/AmishMemories/324393061047420/

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the book, Brenda. I went ahead and ordered my copy. Looking forward to reading it!

    1. You'll love this book Dali! Hope you get the sale price that the publisher is offering right now.