Accolades and Applause for Amish Truth

I'm a truth seeker. When sharing reality learned, through my experiences, I'm a magnet for those who also seek accuracy and authenticity about the Amish.

I'm from Austria in Europe, one reader said"and I read your blog because I'm really interested in Amish culture and I think you provide great inside into the Amish culture and traditions.” 

You provide an amazingly thorough look into the Amish lifestyle. I can't wait to read more …” commented Babs at It’s Sad, Breaks My Heart” 

I am one of your Australian readers. I have always been interested in a simple, from scratch, homemade, farming lifestyle. I was first introduced to the Amish through
Christian fiction. I read your blog and others like it to ensure I can tamper what I read with reality. From the post “Amish Blog Readers Come from Where?

The above is a sampling of post reactions. Encouragement is motivational. I'm affirmed when readers recognize my efforts to educate – give cultural literacy – about the mysterious and misunderstood Amish through my experiences with their runaways.

When others “get it” about my heart to help former Amish and to educate readers about the Amish culture, l feel understood. Compliments are validating but, my impetus is truth. I'm driven to pen educational - entertaining - posts that keep readers coming back. 

Two valued comments from author pal, Vonda Skelton are,
Another interesting post, Brenda. Before your writing, I'd never realized there was so much variation. Thanks for sharing!” in PlainTalk about Amish Thanksgiving.
Vonda responded to a different read, Thanks for another post explaining how the Amish really live. I appreciate your efforts to educate "the English."
Rev. Scott Sharpes said, Thank you Brenda for your writings that help us to better understand our friends who are Amish,” after reading Amish Best KeptSecret 

Multi-published author, James Watkins, left his comment after one of my posts, 
The romanticizing of the Amish has kept the truth from being told. Thanks for your courage!" 
I'm grateful for these comments. 

I asked one person to help me in a particular way. Carolyn lives among – and is friends with – many Amish. She gives a keen eye to balance positive and factual posts. Carolyn recently asserted, “You do a good job at that.” Thanks Carolyn for being my conscience.

When those who lived the life corroborate my stories or perception, that's validation on a deeper level. Former-Amish have commented, 
Brenda, first i want to thank you for being there for all the ones you have reached out to during this transistion, no it is not an easy road,…” at Amish Shunning, What’s it all about
Having been Amish, this really resonates with me,” left at my The Simple Life and Freedom to Choose post.
And the word is spreading to the media. TV program producers and college researchers have called me to verify facts. Blog authors who invited my guest post include:
"Amish Teens Today" at Amy Lillard's blog, 2/14.
"I Learned. He Learned" at Patricia Bradley's blog, 2/14.
"Life for Amish Children" at Parenting Tips with Dr. Sally blog, 2/14.
"A Veteran Mother and Mentor" at Janet Thompson's blog, 11/13.
"Out of Amish" on Bold Living with Diane Markins, 3/13.
Radio hosts who wanted me as a guest are:
The Janet Perez Eckles program, Amish & helping those who leave.
I love doing radio! As a former show host, I know the need for knowledgeable, conversational guests.

Life is bitter/sweet. The arguers, critics, and naysayers are also attracted to me. Warning: my next post reveals mistrustful and misguided - even hostile - comments. Thank God for the balance of sweet encouragement.

Random - Want an interesting speaker? Your audience will love my suitcase of authentic Swartzentruber Amish clothes as I explain customs/beliefs/behaviors of the Amish with emphasis on Swartzentruber. Let's talk about me speaking at your next event - speaker2parents @ juno.com

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  1. The Truth about any subject. Just the same as many people give only bad reviews on Tripadvisor and the people with the good reviews remain silent, so it would be good to hear the positive stories on Amish people as well. I know that there is alot that is not right with the Amish, however, I can testify that the Amish family that we live beside is honest and trustworthy and devout believers. In fact, they will always go the extra mile to make sure that we are treated over and beyond what is expected.

    1. Amen jem. Thanks for your comment. As this post suggests, there are those who appreciate learning & understanding about this complex culture.
      The first is that there are many different orders, perhaps the wonderful Amish family living beside you are of a higher (less strict) order than the Swartzentruber & Old orders of which I blog.
      Then there are those who want only one-sided idealism, the positive, and bash me for giving balanced information. . . that post will come.

  2. I know this must be a difficult area to write to, with high emotions on both sides. I'm praying that His word will encourage and challenge and the Truth will be revealed!

    It was a joy to have you as a guest on The Christian Writer's Den again. Thanks for joining me! :-)

  3. As a former Amish of 37 years, there are many good things about the Amish and there are many good Amish people. Most Amish are plain, hardworking people that display a lot of common sense about most topics until it comes to religion, when we all fell in line with what we were raised with and were encouraged not to question it. If all a person has read is Amish fiction, you DO NOT KNOW very much about the Amish. Ditto for TV shows. I appreciate how Brenda tells it like it really is.