5 Things You Won't See in an Amish Church

Most Amish go to church every other Sunday.

Most Amish go to a member's home - or barn - for church service.

Most Amish rotate members' property for church service.

Now, let focus on the uber strict Swartzentruber Amish church service. In Deutch, it's called Gma (Gmaay).

Here's are 5 things you won't see in their Gma:
  1. Bibles printed in English,
  2. Musical Instruments,
  3. Song books withthe notes/music, 
  4. Men and women sitting together,
  5. Laughing or frivolity.
BECAUSE . . . 
  1. They teach that the only true Bible is the German-language. Martin Luther's German translation. English Bibles are discouraged.
  2. Musical instruments are verboten. Playing - or singing to - an instrument would be worldly. It is contrary to the spirit of Glassenheit (humility).
  3. Their books have words only.
  4. The genders sit separate for reasons including less temptation, and because they believe the Bible sets different roles for men and women (1 Corinthians 11 & 14).
  5. Gma is serious. Sacred. Stern. I know one ex-Swartzentruber gal who was threatened with the bann for laughing in church.
Your Turn. Did this list surprise you? Hit me with a comment or question.

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  1. Raised in an Amish family
    There is one thing I learned
    The preacher is so hard to please
    With his voice so gruff and stern
    Son if you want a shot at Gloryland
    You must understand
    All my rules you must obey
    if you do not obey them all
    In hell is where you will fall.

    Save my Familee
    From bondage set them free!
    Open their eyes so they can see;
    That you died to set them free!

    Save my Familee
    From bondage set them free!
    Open their eyes so they can see;
    That you died to set them free!

    Oh Jesus please
    Save my family

    >>> Me. Why do you think I wrote that? :)

    1. Aww Joseph, I get it. It must be deeply saddening for those who've left to think about their loved ones who are still Amish and perhaps feeling they can never please the preacher . . . or God.