Amish Hit Songs

Ready to chuckle? If you've read many of my posts, you know they can be serious. Deep. Heavy. Informative. Even shocking! But this one is silly.

Most of my former-Amish family and friends have a quick wit and enjoy humor. They tell jokes and see the funny side of life. Josh loves to be quirky. Yah, there's one former-Amish I know who is solemn - lacks levity - but he's not the norm.

Today I share a humorous and hypothetical post that one of my ex-Amish pals posed in a group.
He asked,
"If the Amish wrote and sang some of the hits of the last 30 years, what would they have been?"
Look closely, some suggestions will give you insight into the Amish life. In the words of those who lived and left the life - are suggested hit songs:
  • Lloyd suggested, Born to Be Mild.
Here are more . . .
  • Born to Buggy
  • Bishop Levi's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • Workin' 5 to 9
  • Whole Lotta Shunnin' Going On
  • Grandma Got Run Over By the Amish
  • You're So Plain
  • Here Comes the Shun
  • Take This Plow and Shove It
  • Levi Was a Bullfrog
  • Like a Bishop: Banning for the Very First Time
  • Knock Three Times on the Barn Door If You Want Me
Hope you enjoy my former Amish friends' humor. Now, I'm humming some of those tunes in my head.

What do you think? Hit me up with your song to add.

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  1. Very entertaining! My favorite is Knock Three Times on the Barn Door If You Want Me. Cute. On the other hand, so excited about the book. Please let me know when it becomes available on Amazon. Looking forward to it!

    1. You're welcome for the entertainment. I chuckled when penning this post. Then I had some of those tunes in my head. My book about seven former Amish should be available late May or perhaps early June. Sometimes publishing hiccups slow things down a bit. Thanks for your interest Dali.

    2. I need to turn these info parodies...

  2. Definitely my favorite is "Workin' 5 to 9." Like most good jokes, it surprised me with the truth.