Amish Wedding Song

Many have asked me about the Amish wedding.
  • How long does it last? 
  • Do the bride and groom go on a honeymoon? 
  • What type wedding gifts are given?
The diversity among Amish makes each wedding different with some similarities. One tradition is the
Amish Wedding Song. This melodic hymn is sung at nearly every Amish wedding - regardless of the order. It's a favorite of many, and brings sentimental memories to the ex-Amish. Enjoy listening.
  • As for how long a wedding and subsequent celebration last? Typically several hours well into the evening. For the Swartzentruber Order, I've been told the last guests leave the new couple's home late, leaving the clean-up to the bride and groom.
  • Most orders do not practice a nuptial honeymoon. However, a few higher - more progressive - orders are now doing honeymoons. Yup, many have told me "The Amish are changing."
  • Gifts vary but, are usually practical items such as household goods, gardening/farming equipment, and tools.
Also, there's no exchange of rings. Rather, the man grows his beard. The woman dons a white kapp.

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