Update on ex-Amish Harvey

He's chapter 2 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish. And he's my son-in love!

Since the publication of the book, readers want to know how and what Harvey is doing. He's been "out" of the uber strict Swartzentruber Order of Amish for six years now.

He can be stoic and serious (Amish breeding). And he has a terrific sense of humor. Here he is as a Duck Dynasty character!

This summer our family vacationed on Kelly's Island in Lake Erie, Ohio and Harvey - like most Amish - loves to fish.

Because Amish live in the country, they're self-sufficient through hunting, fishing, growing gardens, etc. Likewise, Harvey loves these outdoor adventures and has the best garden in his neighborhood. The neighbors often admire his well-groomed garden, handmade fence and gate, and produce.

At Christmas, he loves opening presents and in this picture you can see his lap dog Lucy.

Growing up Amish, Harvey never had indoor pets. He did have dogs, cats, pigs, and other livestock so he does know about animal care.

Harvey is the manager of Ohio Rental, dealing with customers, keeping meticulous returns and records, and occasionally visiting a job site to insure the equipment is used correctly or to oversee a job done right. His boss - the company owner - loves Harvey!

Once an Amish man phoned in to rent outdoor equipment. He asked Harvey's name and - recognizing his last name as Amish - asked Harvey to speak in his native language. Harvey refused; he's English now. The customer still rented equipment.

Harvey occasionally visits his Amish parents. His dad,  the settlement's bishop, isn't a "fan" of hs son leaving the Amish and . . . worse . . . marrying an Englisch girl! But, now that Harvey and Lynsey have been married nearly four years, his parents tolerate the union.

The Amish qualities of hard work, honesty, trustworthiness, and resourcefulness remain in Harvey.

Harvey has developed a fascination with football. He's a devoted Buckeye fan

To read the fascinating details of Harvey's Amish childhood years and dramatic departure, read Chapter 2 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets.

If you've read this book, tell me what you think of Chapter 2 . . . 

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