Update on ex-Amish Mosie

He's chapter 1 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish. Many readers have asked me how he's doing . . .

Well, here's his life changing update!

"My" Mosie [I'm proud of him] is living in North Carolina now.

He's married to a precious gal who is his perfect match. She came from a Plain life, as her parents are former Mennonite missionaries.

To read the romantic details of his outdoor wedding, click the link. Today, Mosie and his wife are expecting their first child - a son.

Mosie builds pole barns and roofs houses. He's still hardworking, thin, and muscular. He's solid in his body and in his faith.

Mosie and his wife attend an independent church with 10 other families. Unlike his days as a Swartzentruber Amish, this church uses musical instruments and husbands and wives sit together. Unlike his days as a Swartzentruber Amish, he has the freedom to choose his own church, clothing, and vehicle.

Last week, they came up to Ohio to see us. He sat on my sofa and - unlike Swartzentruber Amish - he freely and openly discussed his wife's pregnancy, their anticipation, and possible baby names.

When Mosie lived in our home, he was 19-years-young. He'd been out of Amish for 8 months. That year was tumultuous . . . for both of us. When you read Chapter 1 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish, you'll get an idea of his ever-changing emotions that betrayed his uncertainty, restlessness, and rage.

I'm thrilled that our first ex-Amish "son" is wanting to keep in touch with us. And that he's maturing into a loving, responsible, and reliable person and husband. By the way, the Amish word for grandma is "maumi" or "mawmi" or "mawmy" [their words are spelled phonetically as it's an oral language].

Thanks to Mosie, for the first time I get to be a mawmi . . . this October 2015! What do you think of that?

(c)Copyright, 2015. Brenda Nixon


  1. Excited for you and Paul and Mosie and his wife - God's blessings on the new little addition to come.

    1. Thanks Sheryl. Glad you met Mosie and can relate to his story and updates. We're excited to be mawmi & dawdi for the first time, it's been long-awaited.

  2. That's wonderful, Brenda! So happy for you all!

    1. Good news is easy to share. Thanks for your reading and commenting on my blog many times. You're an encouragement to me. And I know you appreciate the cultural education.

  3. Congratulations. Happy for you all.

    1. Thank you Lisa & Katie. Or Denki as the Amish would say (pronounced dangi) I plan to post updates on each character in my book.