The Hidden World of Amish Gangs

Are you serious? Amish gangs? Are they like violent Mafia-type groups?

Naw. No TV hype here, just insider trivia.

In most cases Amish gangs are teen cliques with mutual interests. Some of the gangs are wilder than others, and some gangs pretty much hold to the Amish ways. 

Below some of my ex-Amish pals tell it like it is...gang names and activities. (boy, this'd make a good book...

One online pal remembers one of the gangs was called the Sparkies.

A girl buddy group in Lancaster County, PA is called Chickadees.

Other Lancaster County youth gangs are: the AntiquesHappy jacks, and the Kisses.
Ex-Amish Rhoda said, “We still have lotsa gangs with names here in Geauga county Ohio. Flats are one gang. Rowdy as all get out but dress lower (flatter) than most in this community.”
She also said that Shtadt (town) rookies used to exist but may be gone now as the youth members have grown up. And Rhoda used to belong to Parkman dudes, most of whom lived in or close to Parkman Township.

And then there were the Troy Suckers most of whom lived in or near Troy Township. Rhoda explained that the Troy Suckers were “no-partiers.”
So it would seem that they often have regional names in Geauga county
Ex-Amish Allen confessed, “The Souvenirs did not have cars, they were not wild enough for me so I joined the Lemons so I could get a car. LOL”

Is this new news to you? It sure was to me! But like an onion, one layer of the Amish reveals a deeper layer.

Now YOU know! What’s your comment?


  1. You know, Brenda, young people are young people no matter what the background or belief system is. The Kisses? I'd love to know the reason for that name. Great info as always!

    1. Thanks for reading Dali. I appreciate your comments, as usual :)