Is Rumspringa a worry to Amish parents?

Thank You
for reading my blog posts and to those who leave comments! Speaking of . . . here's one I received recently,
I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have
learned a lot from your stories. Thank you for opening my eyes to how  
diverse Amish culture actually is.

I stumbled across it as I was doing a bit of research on various coming of  
age traditions for a fantasy story I'm writing at the moment (of all  
things!), and got sidetracked by Rumspringa. I'm so glad that I fell down  
that rabbit hole, I feel that I've learned a lot.

I'm so glad that there are people like you and your family who are caring  
for these beautiful young people and showing them the love of the Father.
Love and best wishes from Australia!

Part of my answer to my Australian reader pointed her to the post on Rumspringa, which my pal Dr. Richard Stevick wrote. It was surprising. I learned something new. If you've not read this post, click Rumspringa - A Perpetual Spring Break.
You may also be interested in an older book, Rumspringa: To be or Not to Be Amish.

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