Amish Voting Behavior

Those of us who know/assist those who've left the Amish use descriptive names:
ex-Amish, Former Amish, New English, Fence Jumpers.

Even "they" use these names! So in light of that - plus it being an election year - I had to share this . . .

One popular myth is that Amish don't vote - truth is,

some do,
some don't.

Typically, the lower the order the less they participate in "Englisch" government. The uber strict Swartzentruber do not vote. It was my privilege when helping Mosie adapt to our life, (he's Chapter 1 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish) to help him register as a voter. It was my later pleasure to take him to the polls and watch him vote for his very first time!

Your turn. Have questions about other popular myths? Leave 'em below & I'll answer.

(c)Copyright 2016, Brenda Nixon.

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