Amish on the Internet

Last year my pal and author colleague Janet Perez Eckles invited me as a guest on her internet radio show"Brenda please share about the Amish and what you're learning by helping those who leave," she urged.

How could I turn down an opportunity to share discoveries about the Amish with the world? Janet's producer set up the connection and she and I chatted comfortably for an hour - I from my home - the marvels of technology! "Wow, I never knew that," she frequently exclaimed throughout the interview.

Two things I declined to discuss . . . at least not on air; Amish underwear and dating practicesGuess you'll have to read my book to find out about those. I count it a privilege to answer questions and educate the public amid fun and laughs. A few moments of silence passed when new truths stunned her. Janet admitted she looked at the Amish from the outside and entertained the simplistic image.

Since last year she's discontinued her radio show. I wish it were still available to help listeners get an ear full of news about the Amish. Even if you can't hear this radio interview, I'd love it if you'd leave your comments or questions below.

Talk to ya next week. ~Brenda
(C)Copyright, 2016, Brenda Nixon.


  1. Very good interview. Many people need to hear this. I wasn't surprised because I am one who understands the various types of Amish. Would love to be where I could help out with those who are leaving

    1. Thanks for your input Nancy. More importantly, thanks for your willingness to help out those who've left & often depend on the kindness of strangers.

  2. Hi. I'm actually learning about the Amish culture for a podcast episode I'm working on. Perhaps we could work out a time to talk.

    This is a great source of information and I will be picking up this book. I have a lot to learn.