Update on ex-Amish Verna - Chapter 6 of my book

Chapter 6 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish describes an Old Order Amish girl. Her upbringing and family life was NOT what you'd read in any Amish fiction book.

But it was her truth.

Verna grew up in Ohio - home to the largest number of Amish settlements nationwide. She left the Amish at a young age, later met and married Dave. He also had left the Amish. They began building a life together.

Most of chapter 6 takes place in Dave and Verna's home, where she nurtured her first child. What's the exciting news since the book release?

Verna and Dave moved to another home here in Ohio. It's more out in the country, a familiar location for someone who grew up on a farm. I still see her but not as often. We mostly keep in touch on Facebook. She's still a smiling, pleasant person, which still amazes me considering her un-romantic, complex childhood.

Verna is a stay-at-home mom, loves to cook, and participates in the same church that she and Dave have attended for years. Last summer, Verna taught Vacation Bible school. I love people who "give back" to their community and to society.

Verna keeps in contact with her birth family. In fact, her Amish sisters come to visit on occasion. She has a relationship with her dad, who lives in Columbus, Ohio.

But the exciting news is that they have another child - a daughter. And I gotta say, these darling cherubs are too cute!

I can say that because I don't have a granddaughter to brag on.

Verna is an overcomer! You'll get that pun when you read chapter 6 of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish.

Want to leave encouragement or questions for Verna? I'd love it. And I think she'd appreciate your words, too.
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